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"The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making your dreams come true."Anonymous

EBB"S E-TALK: Since I started doing our blog, I am very happy and proud to discover that many classmates from our high school class 1960 had succeeded in their chosen career. One of them is the popular Yoly Bello. When I first met her in h.s. I was immmediately drawn to her beautiful, round and expressive eyes. She used those eyes so well in her acting roles and declamation contest. She is one classmates that I was lucky to see and connect after high school graduation. We both took Fine Arts at U.P.. We only had a small class about 10 I remember her pretty well. But later after 3 years, she shifted to Speech and Drama and never heard from her since then. Last August we exchanged few e-mails and I was glad she still remembered me. She told me ... "I wished I became an artist like you." Although she's a successful business woman she didn't design her famous shoes from Via Venetto. Cinderella became famous for the shoes she left behind for her future Prince Charming. Yoly like Cinderella also became famous for her shoes. She owns more than 2,000 shoes. She surpassed Imelda Marcos who became famous for her 2,000 pairs of shoes displayed at the Malacanang Palace. Here's Yoly's fairy-like story.
Name: Yolanda Bello Pajaro
Date of Birth: April 28, 1945
Civil Status: Married, annulled
Home Address: 102 Gen Ordonez St., Marikina Heights, Concepcion, Marikina City
Business Address: VIA VENETTO, 1st Fl. Makati Tuscany Condominiums, Ayala Ave. Makati City
Home Phone: 941-78-45, 941-59-61
Business Phone: 892-63-34
Business Fax: 843-27-25
Education and Special Training:
Elementary, Philippine Women’s University
Secondary, Philippine Women’s University
Bachelor of Arts, Speech and Drama and 3 yrs in Fine Arts
University of the Philippines
Work Experience:
Faculty Member, Dept of Speech and Drama, University of the Philippines, 1966-1973

Children: Jennifer P. Santiago,Yolanda Cecilia Pajaro,Emilio Francisco Pajaro; Vicente Emmanuel Pajaro, Ma. Tsarina P. Inocian
1.President, VIA VENETTO SHOES, 1973 to the present
2.President, FRANCESCO, 1993 to the present
3.President, SUNDANCE, 2000 to the present
4.Board Member, Putik Pottery Foundation
5.Proprietor, Creative Pottery, hand built and thrown ceramics store, 2001- 03

Honors, Awards and Recognitions:
1. Finalists, Search for Entrepreneur
of the Year, Ernst and Young and SGV, 2005
2.Outstanding Professional Award , Business Administration, U of the Philippines, June 23, 2007
3.Mariang Maya Award for 4.Outstanding Achiever in Business and Entrepreneurship. Sigma Delta Phi, U of the Philippines, 2003
5.Certificate of Recognition, June 2003. “For generous support to the Free-feeding program and continuing contribution towards generating employment….” Markina Heights, Marikina City
6. Gabriela Silang Award Life achievement Award, May 1990. “For her invaluable services and profound interest for the promotion of the well-being of this municipality…”Santa, Ilocos Sur
7. Gawad-Pasasalamat,” Sa pakikiisa at pagbahagi ng kanyang mga kaalaman at karanasan….” Marikina Footwear and Leatherwoods Manufacturers Cooperative, Marikina City, March 2001
7. Certificate of Recognition,” In sincere recognition and profound gratitude for her invaluable support to the Ministries…”Covenant Children Fellowship, August 2005 Contribution to Advancement of Profession:
More About Via Venetto:
“Via Venetto is the acknowledged market leader in the industry. The leadership of Via Venetto is not limited to mere market shares, which are defined by figures and statistics that are meaningless to the consumer. Instead, Via Venetto, out of total respect for its consumers, provides the industry with a standard against which excellence is measured”.
“Via Venetto is not just the market leader. Its very name spells the highest standard of excellence in the industry.”
"WHAT MAKES A SUCESSFUL ENTERPRENEUR" by Fay Garcillano and Mike D. Leda. MBM ‘93, La Salle University.
…With an eye for beauty, comfort and strict workmanship, she has enhanced the competitiveness of Philippine shoes in the world market, at the same time reviving Marikina’s fame as the country’s shoe capital. 2007 ALUMNI YEARBOOK, UP General-Alumni Homecoming reunion.
Special Interests: · Pottery. Have been attending for three years hand built and thrown pottery workshops, glazing and firing techniques and methods conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pettyjohn · Collects art works of Filipino contemporary artists and art works from the Philippine period of realism
· Painting from life and still life.

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