Friday, October 29, 2010


Written by Evelyne Dirige Resella:
Hi dear classmates and other viewers. At last, I am blogging about our high school golden reunion last February 22, 2010. I apologized for the long delay. When my husband & I returned to the U.S. after our long trip to the Philippines & Southeast Asia, we were extremely busy moving to our new home in San Diego , California. It took months to be able to find the photo CD. My son Ryan, whose hobby is photography, had a very good photographic skill & camera, took hundreds of photos. Somehow many photos didn't come out well especially those taken inside the dark hotel, where the reunion was held. Also it was a big file, so I only selected the very best photos to publish.

What more can I write about the reunion? Ano pa ba ang dapat isulat? Tessie Marzan already wrote a very beautiful tribute. Bong also wrote a collection of appreciations for classmates who made the reunion a success. This blog is simply a catch-up & an appreciative gift of time toward those who made the extra effort & expense to be at the reunion. Gee, where did the time goes? It sure went by really fast. Just like that! It's hard to believe that 8 months had passed since this sentimental 50th reunion happened. To those who attended the reunion, here's a refresher. Naalala pa ba ninyo? To those who misssed it, here's an update. It's wonderful to have photos to look back when many of us no longer have photographic memories. May these photos make us laugh once again. In the past... we were brave, we were crazy, we were mostly young once. In our golden years, it isn't over yet. Come w/ me and let's travel through the pages of time.....
H.S. CLASS 1960
Left to right;
Celia Arreza Espiritu
Evelyne Dirige Resella
Roselani Blancaflor Mariano
Eloisa Dizon Farrales

PRE-REUNION: I arrived in Manila mid-night (Monday- February 15th ) like a wilted gumamela from the long distance flight. On Tuesday, I slept most morning due to jet-lagged & fatigue. In the afternnoon my husband , Ryan & me, toured the Mall of Asia. We had to see as many sights as possible in the 3 weeks that we will be in the Philippines. Tuesday night, had family reunion with the Villas at Q.C.

On Wednesday (3 days prior to the reunion) was my 1st time to connect to many classmates and practice the dance presentation. Many classmates had been practicing for months. Our class 1960 being the "Jubilarians" would be performing a special Bali Hai dance show. Puri Capistrano Laconico was the creative brain & producer behind this ala-bayanihan show.

I was very nervous because dancing is not my forte. I am old but my legs are still strong. Nakakaindak pa ako, but w/ no graceful bayanihan sways & moves. What a relief when I found out that the late comers would be "background." Well, I like being in the background because I don't have to worry when I mistepped, unless someone recoded my steps on a video secretly. Maraming tatawa doon.

What a JOY to see classmates I haven't seen in 50 years! The above photo was taken during our dance practice break. It was a surprised that Celia, our valedictorian was seated on my left. Wow! This was unbelievable! Even during our h.s. days, hindi ko nakatabi si Celia, kahit minsan. Then Rose, one of those lovely mestizas from our class was next to me on the right. Ang gaganda naman nang mga katabi ko ano? Pero mahinhin ang mga smiles. Wala kasing taga Canada dito. My ex-class-seatmate (ELoi) was there too. What an exciting moment!! I LOVE REMEMBERING THIS BREAK TIME WITH LOCAL SNACKS. Many bought snacks but my favorite was the delicious pili from the Bicol region. Thanks to Lilia Villa Javier for sharing them. The same photo from the first except Marelene De Leon Leyson and Renita Abary de Gorostiza were included.
CLASS 1960
Left to right
Marlene de leon Leyson
Carmelita Ramos
Evelyne Nazareth Zabala
Carmen Exconde
Evelyne Dirige Resella
Cherrie Silva MacSorley
Renita Abary de Gorostiza

During the short breaks it was time to catch up wih 50 years of stories & happenings. Maraming kuwento but not enough time to tell them all. I was not able to join the PJ overnight party at the Canyon Woods in Tagaytay. Courtesy of Celia. I heard it was a whole night of sharing many memories and retold some class jokes.
Left to right: Roselani, Tessie P., Evelyne, Gerry Tiongson Osias (President of PWAA, Celia ( chair-79th PWU reunion) and Renita

Athough all tired from the practices these Pretty Philwonians could still smile.
Gising na Tess P. Nasa harap ka nang camera.......he!he!he!
Those were the days when we thought they'd never end. We'd sing and dance forever and a day. Oh, yes those were the reunion days.

Next week, I will be postings more photos from our real reunion. There will be 4 series.
Till next post! Abangan ang karugton!!!!