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EBB'S E-TALK- I snatched away the above sentimental line from an old love song. I thought it expresses the sentiment of our PWU blog. Here's featuring an old photo from our junior year-1959. Once again, a compliment from Sari. Hopefully this photo will jog our memories and will bring back those "gintong alaala" from high school days.

I am posting this tonight before leaving for a much awaited vacation tomorrow. My husband & I will be leaving for a trip to New York City. We have an early flight from LAX. We are leaving home as early as 4:00 a.m. to catch an early flight. We hope to arrive in NYC by 3:00 p.m. and spend 3 days there. Then we will catch a 4th-of-July -get-away-cruise with Queen Mary 2 to New England.

I am also excited to see Sari in person. I haven't seen her since high school graduation. Although we both went to U.P. during our college years, our paths never cross. So now we are meeting for dinner on the night of our arrival. I e-mailed her that "No Buffet!" I like buffet but since we will be taking a cruise later on I am against it. What happens and what we will be eating during dinner plus our chit-chats will be posted on this blog when I return.

"Akala ba ninyo kayo lang ang may 'Via Mare' diyan sa Pinas. Meron din naman kami dito. Ang version namin ay- 'Via Sari.' I am sure, walang 'dinuguan' doon."

Our blog topic this week is like my favorite Filipino dessert called "halo-halo. So enjoy our "halo-halo" blog - a mixture of thoughts & opinions about 65th birthdays, the joys of being a senior, merienda, etc. ,etc.
CHERRIE'S CORNER: chhhhhhh....chhhhh.....I have no idea where Cherrie is? Nasaan ka ba? Your corner is empty. Why so quiet this week?
From Roselani to Cora: Cora, sarap naman ng merienda niyo sa Via Mare, nakakagutom. I've been trying to lose weight but no can do! The more I try, the more I gain. I guess its in my system. I envy Sari, Lani, Lita, Gerri, balingkinitan sila. Kumakain kaya sila sa oras?
From: Cora to Roselani:
Yes- that afternoon of our meeting at Via Mare with Cherry and Gerry was nice. Ang sarap ng merienda. Di ko tuloy maala-ala kung ano ang pinag-usapan. At wala akong mairreport kay Puri kasi panay kain ang ginawa ko. Ay naku - control pa naman kunyari ng blood sugar. So -Puri- alam mo na ngayon. Patawad. Joke lang. Looking forward to another afternoon of Lumpiang Ubod, Dinuguan, Bibingka, and Bam-E. If we continue meeting regularly- come reunion time- we will be awarded "the most obese"
FOR OUR CLASSMATES NA FORENGERS NA (this is how we jokingly call FRIENDS FROM ABOARD (?) Pag uwi niyo - restaurant hopping would be a nice thing to do in Manila. Lots of nice restaurants to go to - and food tripping is highly recommended.One strategy is - mag reduce muna kayo ng weight before coming here. Anyway- you will easily regain that.... AND MORE!!!! Your dollars will come a long way. SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!
PAUMANHIN FROM PURI: Sorry, am busy with house guests since yesterday. I'll have to pass deadline for blog this week. Will try later. Ebb, have a fun and relaxing trip. Bon Voyage !
SARI SPEAKS: "Sorry walang storia si Sari ngayon. I am filling up her space. Masyadong busy sa "Name That Face" with our Senior Class photo. Contest silang dalawa ni Roselani. Ako naman nahilo na sa ka-e-edit nang mga correction na e-ni-e-mail nila. I am not joining the naming contest. The truth.... I couldn't even recognized myself from the photo. Maraming salamat ulit to Sari & Rose. Ang galing-galing nila sa mga pangalan. Magaling akong mag-blog pero sa!!!!
BIRTHDAY GREETINGS TO BONG: Here are best wishes from classmates who will never forget you!!!!!
Hi ClassmateS/Friends,It's Bong's 65th B-day to day (6/26/2009)!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bong!!!! May you have more blessed b-days to come. - It's nice to have that chat with you early this morning (3AM NYC time) Love,Sari
PS If I remember it's your b-day, please do not mind me telling the world that it is; also that I would be proclaiming your age. 65 is something to celebrate. Here in the US, we officially become Seniors and start getting Medicare (medical insurance for elderly).
From Roselani: "Happy 65th Bong! Good health and happiness to you always. You're officially a senior citizen today........enjoy. Life has more beautiful things to offer." Warm regards.
Hi Guys, I turned 65 last February 3. Born 1944 like majority of you. Its great to be 65! I am enjoying the perks of a Senior citizen.
From Cora: "HAPPY 65TH BIRTHDAY, BONG!!!" It seems you are the first in our batch to celebrate this year - as many of us are turning 65 this year.TIME TO COUNT GOD'S MANY BLESSINGS.You have really been sooooooo blessed.This year - brings you in as member of the "TY FIVE" Club. Cheers!!!
From Puri: I think I was the first to reach that honorable age. I turned 65 last Dec 8, 2008. Proud to be a Medicare and SS beneficiary. And Senior discounts just about everywhere. I used to dread its advent but am now reaping its benefits. Happy birthday Bong ! Welcome to CLUB 65 !!!!!
From Evelyne (Ebb):I think, I was the first to reach this "sexy sixty" age. I turned 65 last September 29, 2008. Like Puri I am proud and happy to be an official SS beneficiary. Yes, lots of senior discounts. Tuesday is always a busy shopping day for me. That's the day when many stores give senior discounts. I am either at Bristol Farm, Stein Mart or at Ross shopping."Happy Birthday Bong! And welcome to the 65 circle!
From Evelyn Nazareth Zabala: It's funny that now everyone's trying to get the honor of being the first one to turn 65! Before we always said "--TY nine". Maybe we should give a prize at the reunion for the first alumna to turn 65 as well as the youngest. I'm in the running for the youngest- I'll officially turn senior in Jan 22, 2010. Anybody else younger than me?
Speaking of senior discounts, did you know that most KFC stores will give you a free soda if you say the magic word, "Senior"? Other fast food places like McD, just give you a discount. If you don't know, just ask, and it shall be given (sometimes).
From Puri: Now, I remember, I think the winner is Hana Gomez Trinidad. She turned 65 on Sept 1st 2008, then Evelyne Sept 29, then Lita Ramos on Nov.17, then me on Dec 8 , then Celia Dec10, so far. I'm honorable mention.
Yes I enjoy all those discounts, even at the movies. Most restaurants like Denny's, International House of Pancakes, Marie Callendar, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc, they all have Senior Meals everyday.
FYI From Sari: - we have former classmates who were born in 1942. Kaya older than Hana pa. I think Tita Ang is one of them. Gerry (10/3) and Marilin (10/23) are also 1943 born. I believe Vicky Saldana is also a 1943 product, if not 1942. Marami pang iba kasi hina-lughog ko yong dates sa yearbook long before I sent it to Esther. - Ms. Uzi(sera) talaga.
From Evelyn (Evza): I suggested to Sari that maybe we should send our birthdates to her so she can keep track of it. Then the list can be distributed to all. We're all getting there.
Cora, who are the other members of the "TY FIVE" club? I assume it means "----ty xx" when we don't want to specify exactly how many decades, right? Are you a member?
From Sari: Hi Evelyn,That's a good suggestion to post b-days! I remember that among our classmates, Perla and you are the youngest - born in 1945. I know Bong's b-day because Bong, Celia, Cherrie, Cora, Gerry, Lani, Linda, Puri and I have kept in touch. There is something about me that remembers b-days. For instance, this sounds weird. On June 23rd, when looking to identify faces, I thought of Marilin F. Arellano. There was something about the 23rd that made me ask if it was her b-day that day; or if it's Oct 23. That evening, I spoke with Esther who had finally received my yearbook. I asked her to look up Marilin's b-day. It's Oct. 23. That's my weirdness. Birthdays somehow pop in my head if I knew them at some point of my life. Weird na weird talaga. Cora's weirdness is remembering songs; mine is remembering b-days.
From Cora: HI Everybody!!!It looks like a lot of this conversation happened lasy night (Philippine time) when I was asleep. And to think I was up till past 1:00 A.M. - looks like- the moment I slept - all of you naman were on the computer. And everyone talking about age.Funny how Bong's 65th birthday focused on age.Of course- we salute you Bong - for all your achievements.Women talaga tayo. Birthdays to us, is equated with age. As for me- I consider ALL OF US LUCKY that God has given us these many years. Many of our classmates were not as blessed- and had to go back to our Creator sooner.
UZI talaga yang si Sari. Kaya mahirap magkaila diyan.Her "weirdness" over birthdays is remarkable. Me naman I have two kinds of "weirdness". One is SONGS, as Sari mentioned. I remember a lot of the tunes and lyrics of songs. before- kahit 2 notes pa lang alam ko na kung anong song yun. And I guess up to this date- I would still remember a lot of the songs when we were high school. Name your favorite and I can write the lyrics.
Sari's favorite was Frank Sinatra's "Close to You". Mine was "Smile" and " Once in a While"
From Marlene: Hello to everyone,I cannot stand by in the side line any more. I love all the email exchanges that you wrote but I am darn lazy to comment. I was born in July 18,1943. I have my own recollections of the good High School days. I recall Sari as one of the benchers.We used to watch the Bayanihan practised. Roselani I remembered we watch the student canteen with Girlie and the others. My Parents never knew that I played hookey. I could name a few more. I will save them for later. I guessed I am the oldest that you have mentioned. Love the blog. Have a few pictures to share. Will send tthem later.Missed you all these years. Yes we are all blessed to live this long and recall the good old days. Love you all.
To BONG!!!! We hope when you read this blog that you'll say something!!!!!!!!!!!!Please don't be so quiet.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS DOWN BELOW. We invite everybody to participate. FROM SARI. "Sana more of our classmates will look at the Blog. Kahit gaano seemingly unaffected ang tao (tulad ni Melania - smile!) may reaction. Lani apparently enjoys what she has read. I think she'll enjoy it more once she figures out how to access the Blog. However, more fun if many more will write something about themselves. Otherwise, nakakasawang basahin kung 5 persons lang ang dada ng dada. Mas maraming madada sa atin besides the 5 of us.
FROM CORA: Nice to recall the days ng mga kababalaghan. Why are others so quiet?I think possible reasons why others are quiet are: 1. Mabait sila nuon pa- and they never realized there were all these mischief going on. They did not realize till now that we had so much fun- at sila ay aral lang ng aral. 2. Hindi sila mabait- pero until now- ayaw sila umamin and would not want to "share" stories of their escapades. 3. Up to now- hindi pa rin sila marunong mag-email. Mga silent classmates- alin dito and tutuoo?FUN LANG ITO. We are just looking back at those days- just to put us in a HOMECOMING mode - enough reason for everyone to come home.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


First row from left: Mila Ventura, Carina Gregorio, Lourdes Fuentes, Tita Ang, Muriel Hagos, Vicky Saldana, Celia Arreza, Mrs. Montilla, Miss de Guzman, Charito Silva, Ms. Tolentino, Mrs. Concepcion, Rosario Valenzuela, Susan Vergara, Purisima Capistrano, Wenefrida Noble, Cynthia Ugalde, Martha Ocampo, Amparo Lejano and Marlene de Leon.

Second row from left: Erlinda Babista, Singh ?, Lydia Zulueta, Sonia Realeza, Victoria Medina, Zenaida Maniago, Norma Reyes, X, X, Evelyn Dirige, Neria Conate, Azucena Valenzuela, Maria Luisa Recacho, X, Olivia Abella, Estela Aguas, Georgie Hernandez.

Third row from Left: Sylvia Estrella, Patricia Arroyo, Teresita Ocampo, Ma. Teresita Castro, Elouisa Dizon, Aurora Castro, Evelyn Nazareth, Renita Abary, Elizabeth Francisco, Lilia Villa, Corazon Fausto, Perla Barretto, Celina Cruz, Adoracion Custodio, Rose Lani Blancaflor, Purita Ursua, Araceli Tang (?), Carole Horilleno, Teresita Rivera and Susan de Santos.

4th row from left: Anita Tan or Lily Teh, Esther de Leon, Carmencita Juan, X, Ginny Golding, Leolani Gestoso, Cirila Vito, X, Teresita Deboma, Joselita Agustin, Thelma (Lani) Villa-Real, Marylou Belmonte, Yolanda Bello, Myrna Aniban, Marylou Villaruel, Preciosa Conde, Araceli Miranda, Carmen Exconde, Aurora Villanueva, Carmen Parraga

5th row from left: Teresita Lonzame, Erlinda Mantes, Saturnina Arellano, X, Mercedes Cipres , Aurora Fe Camacho, Leonides Lucas, Rubylinda Batan(?), Luz Bacaltos, Jocelyn Lapus, Esther Lejano, Teresita Platon, Lolita Agustin, Natividad Sanchez, Patricia Castronuevo, Elsie Baban, X, Luz Divina Collante (?), Elisa Solis, Cecilia Chua(?), X, Elena Achacoso

6th row from left: Anita Tan(?), Marilin Fernandez Arellano, Geraldine Tiongson, Natividad Ocampo, Zenaida Matanguihan, Milagros Lapuz, Arceli Caygan, Catalina Sillona (?), May Retino, Nellie Reyes, Petronila Quion, Maria Paz Uychuico, X, Rowena Santos, Belinda Carino (?), Corazon de los Santos, Raquel Tadena, X, Gloria Villareal, Presentacion Cervantes, Roberta San Agustin, Flordeliza Alcantara, Mirasol Monleon.
EBB'S E-TALK: Parang kahapon lamang ano? Now we are the "Golden Jubilarians!" Ang bilis nang panahon! We are no longer young in look but our hearts are still young.
I lost my copy of this class photo.Gusto ko nang umiyak noon nakita ko ulit.Thanks to Sari for this class picture. She kept it like a treasure. She also told me where I was? Thanks! I was standing at the 2nd row (8th fr. the right)- at the back of Mrs. Conception. Believe na ako talaga dito kay Sari. Ang galing nang memory!
I am also happy to tell you that our blog team have grown. We are now a "Quintuplet." Cherrie, welcome to our blog team! We look forward to becoming an "Octuplet" later on. If you like to be one one the contributors, please e-mail me and I will send you an invitation to join us.

When we launched our PWU 1960 blog last week there were many interesting & thought provoking discussions among us about being a homemaker and a career woman. So, I am posting those opinions and "kuro-kuro" for all of you to read. I agree w/Cora that we should agree on the tone and mood of our blog. I read that Sari already e-mailed that this blog is not a contest on who has the most accomplishments.I am an example of one who stayed home for a decade to run my family of four.I choose my family before career and I didn't feel intimidated about it. When our kids were all in school, I resumed my graphic art career but had to start from the bottom. I caught up during my golden years and had been very busy doing oil paintings ever since.
I think the accomplishments of past classmates should be an inspiration to all of us. Our golden years should be time for looking back and enjoying each other while we could still connect. The old competitive days were over. If you like to add your opinion, please e-mail it to me and I will publish it here.
PURI'S PERSPECTIVE: With regards to the tone, what PWU taught us is USEFUL WOMANHOOD, A WELL ROUNDED PERSONALITY( not body), and COMMUNITY SERVICE. We can dwell on any of those or all of them. We can also talk about family, hobbies,travels and other interests. Like a neighborly chat across the fence. Not too much on accomplishments and stations in life. Lets bring ourselves back to 50 years ago when we were all equals, innocent and carefree.We just took a long nap of 50 years like Rip Van Winkle and here we are again.
CORA'S CHIT-CHAT: YES!!! AND - a home and family career is the most challenging of all - and I should salute all those who gave priority to their family. In my case- I had to work - so it was a tough juggling act. If only I could afford to stay at home and not work- I would have done what you did.In my kind of work - these things were expected and a matter of survival on top of passion - especially if we want to stay in U.P. it was tough as it was UP or OUT. But I realize the hours away from my family that I had to spend - and I envy you. Everything has a cost. To me- it is just a matter of doing one's best in any given situation.
SARI SPEAKS: I am imploring you to please look at the Blog that Evelyn Dirige Resella created. You will not be disappointed. At saka, join in and let us know about you. This has nothing to do with anything na pataasan nang accomplishment. Update lang natin sa isa't isa. - I can actually write about many of you (in this e-grp) because I'm nosey enough to have made it my business to keep up with you. However, it's more fun if you put in the info yourselves. Baka may mailagay pa akong "secret" about you. If you are a homemaker, please know that it is the biggest accomplishment of all. A Homemaker manages the life of husband and kids, loving & guiding them so that they may have fulfilling lives. I am not making this up; there are much research papers written on this. - This is a feat that I cannot claim.
CHERRIE'S CORNER: "I am truly overwhelmed by the blog. What a wonderful idea, a beautiful piece of art, and a great way of having us all bond, hopefully forever."

"Maraming Salamat" For All The Comments From Classmates:
"We owe this Blog to Evelyne, a labor of true love and dedication. So we'll now all be bloggers.I'm glad you like it.Stay connected with us as thru blogging. Puri
"Yes- I agree. And come homecoming day, we will all be BLOGGY MARYS." -Cora
"Wow, galing-galing naman. I did not get a chance to look at the BLOG you created until now. If more classmates sign-in, lalabas ang creativity nila. Lalong magiging enticing ang ating pag-reunite sa isa't isa." -Sari
"Hi Evelyne,Thank you for sharing your talent with us. it is hard for technically challenged people like me , I enjoy reading all the other trivia. I am trying to see if I can do it.(blog) - Eloi
"Evelyne, your paintings are great. What could I say WOW...WOW....WOW....ang galing galing mo naman........" Esther
"Wow na Wow Talaga! Am truly impressed by your creativity and talent Ebb. When Ening and I talked a couple of nights ago, she mentioned the idea of having a website or a blog. I suggested to her to give Geri and Sari a call and bring up her plan. Late na pala siya sa kanyang idea. All the while, something was already cooking with the four of you guys, and SURPRIIIIIISE, the launching of the BLOG. " Really, great! Saludo ako! -Rose Lani
From: Roselani - "Gotcha! I went back to the pictures and was able to zoom them large enough for me to recognize majority of our classHS60. I kept looking at them last night, enjoying the moment. It was so nice of Sari to share our class pictures with the group. I did not have any recuerdo cause our house burned in 1964. Everything lost except the clothes that we were wearing."

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FROM EBB - As we don't have classmates photos to post yet, I am posting this famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. His paintings inpired me to paint the sunflower painting I posted last week. We will be using the sunflower as symbol of our PWU HS CLASS 1960. It's my pleasure to create this new blog. I am inspired by the creativity and resourcefullness of my blog team. Without their efforts and ideas this blog will not be made possible. This started when I suggested to Puri through our e-mails that she sholud start a PWU blog 1960. Instead she passed the idea to me, because she doesn't know how to run a blog. I have an art blog for three years now and though I am not an expert on blogging I agreed to start this one with the condition that she and Sari will continue this blog. This month alone, my inbox had an avanche of e-mails from past PWU classmates. How wonderful to get connected to many, whom I didn't even had the chance to see again after h.s. graduation. This is our second post. Last week I run a trial blog to see how it will work. Now this is our official first blog. Welcome and enjoy!
This enthused quartett is about to trail blaze a place where we can rediscover one another.Where we can ponder and wander freely, casually and spontaneously. A private place to post and exhange soundbytes and scoops. Share life as it was and what we made of it now. Over a cup of tea or coffee without spilling the mug, we can seek and find comfort in the virtual companionship of old friends. Feel their warmth and energy once more as we look back. Nationalistic as she is Sari suggested to find a Filipino name for our blog, Evelyne suggested an English version , thus as our minds met I came up with Gintong Alaala -Golden Memories . Our class poet Cora penned a poem to mark our High School Class of 1960 on its Golden Jubilee . Yes only 50 years ago when we all went our separate ways to fulfill and experience the road ahead. Our Blog launch ushers a special refuge where nuggets abound in the minefield of our past, present and future lives. A window where we can see old faces and hear familiar voices. Never in our youth did we dream there was such a place. Let us seize the moment while we can, stay in touch and keep the chit-chat going in cyberspace.
I wanted a brand logo for our blog and picked among Evelyne's painting portfolio, her Van Gogh inspired Sunflower painting. She is also responsible for putting up our blog platform with hopes for eager participation from everyone. Painted by one of us gives meaning to what
it represents.Together, we gather strength in unity, a blazing splash of vast fields of gold...a multitude of sunflowers Alay sa PWU HS Class 1960

Written on June 11,2009
This poem is dedicated or "ALAY" sa PWU HS Class 1960

Mga gintong ala-ala, limang dekadang nagdaan
Ating sama-samang balik-balikan
Masasayang araw , ng ating kabataan
Sariwain natin, at ‘wag kalimutan

Mga kaibigan, kapwa mag-aaral
Di man nagkikita, panahong kaytagal
Ngayo’y tinitipon, inaanyayahan
Na sana’y dumalo, sa’ting kasayahan

Malalayong bayan ang ating narating
Dunong at yaman ay ating naangkin
May mga titulo at pamilya na rin
Tunay na tagumpay ay napasa atin

Sa limampung taon nating pagkawalay
Sa ‘ting Alma Mater, na siyang nagbigay
Mga gintong aral na syang naging gabay
Sa ating pagsuong sa unos ng buhay

Napapanahon nang, umuwi’t magpugay
Sa PWU, paaralang mahal
Tayo’y tinatawag sa ating Bali Hai
Isuot ang mu-mu, magsaya’t sumayaw

Pebrero 2010, ang petsa’y tandaan
Ang pag-uwi natin kanyang hinihintay
Hindi malulubos, planong kasiyahan
Kung di ka darating, kaibigang mahal.

Evelyne asked me to make a short introduction of Cora, but that’s a challenging request. I’ll need lots of space even for a brief intro. Many, who may still remember, would picture a skinny pony-tailed funny classmate. Cora is skinny no more, but still very funny. Cora brightened and lightened the day thru her quick wit during our schooling and dietetic training at U.P. and P.G.H. After completing our internship in 1966, our road to "success" split. Cora pursued a career as an educator at U.P. and I left for the U.S. She was a pioneer and assisted UP in establishing its Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (HRIM) curriculum; very much instrumental in developing the program during its infancy years to a now well established much coveted degree. UP HRIM Graduates are assured of high paying jobs and we have our friend/classmate Cora to thank for helping produce quality graduates. She served as a Department Chair at U.P. for three years . Cora has a master's degree in Food Service and doctorate degree in Education at UP. She travels extensively in Asian countries, U.S., Europe and recently in South Africa, either as a visiting professor in various universities, or as participant in various conferences. Cora continues to develop programs beyond UP and I’ll name two prominent (only to be brief) programs she helped establish – the culinary program at the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) which is the first formal culinary school in the Philippines, and the American Hospitality Academy-International Hotel Management Schools (AHA-IHMS ), an international network of hotel management schools now operating in different countries (i.e. Philippines, South Africa, Romania, Nepal, India). Cora is a Co-founder and Academic Director of AHA-IHMS. Not to be omitted is her accomplishment as a mother of 2 daughters and a son who are all successful in their respective careers, and as a loving/doting grandmother to 4 grand children…..PWU high school training laid a solid foundation in producing this well-rounded graduate(talagang bilog na ngayon) who was fully equipped to conquer the world and its challenges.
June 13, 2009 in the horizon. Welcome to your own virtual place in the sun and follow its light. A time for reflections and recollections, that is nothing less than gold. See you there anytime
We hope you enjoy our official first post. If you would like to contibute some stories, recollectories, musings, ramblings, etc. please let us know. Will be sending you invitation to join our contributors. Remember your feedback and comment regarding our blog is very important. Please don't forget to click the comment box below. And we will get back to you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"I love your own version of sunflower painting. It is more refined, has depth and tells a story. It's peering through an archway which could represent the walls and gateway of our alma mater against a blue sky. Framed by brick walls that gave us a sense of security thru learning as we marched outside its gates to experiment and experience life after graduation. I simply love it. That flower is us."- Puri Capistrano Laconico
This is the Filipino word for "Golden Memories." Our blog team picked this name because we wanted to bring back the golden memories of our high school days. This is my other blog with three new bloggers, Cora, Puri & Sari. Our team met during high school in PWU. We were classmates and shared four years of high school education & fun.
The golden sunflower is a good symbol and reflection of our class 1960. I painted this golden sunflower and posted it on my art blog. I like a golden sunflower because it signifies that even though we, the "golden girls" reached our golden years, we continue to "BLOOM."
As we approach the 50th years of our Class 1960, we are sure that there are many treasured stories, recollections, musings, ramblings, etc. about our good high school days. During our high school days, computers were unheard off. We grew up without computers, and I remembered that life was less complicated. Back then, we communicated by phone, snail mail, letter or through word of mouth. Now we are in our golden years, we are indeed fortunate that we have easy access to computer, e-mail and Internet. It's amazing how fast we could connect and communicate with past friends & lost classmates.
Like a little Starbucks Cafe, this blog will be our place to hang out and reminisce, relive, remember and relive the good old high days. Come & join as as we chat and blog together.
The idea for this blog was born because of our desire to reconnect to past classmates. It's been 49 years since we graduated from high school. Next year, on February 20, 2010 we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our class 1960. We are the JUBILARIANS!
This is the name of our beloved alma matter. I am very grateful to God to have the opportunity to finish my high school in this wonderful university exclusively for women. My high school years was one of the happiest days of my school life. One of my joys in life is having many high school friends and that we continue to reconnect.
A million thanks to Sari, who is the "Greatest Classmate Finder." Without her untiring effort to search and find old classmates, this blog will not exist and I will not be connected to my other high school classmates.
One day, my sister Ofel, e-mailed me that an old classmate from high school wanted to connect to me. She met Sari during a conference in Las Vegas. My sister was one of the speakers. She remained single and so her family named never change. Sari asked her if she's related to an old classmate w/ the same family name. Sari also remained single and have the same name. Although I haven't seen her since high school graduation, I knew an old familiar classmate. I smiled and e-mailed her. And we reconnected. She found me and I found her and other classmates. Oh, what fun!
REMINDER:We are starting this blog so our class 1960 could re- connect here. Any graduate from our class can write and contribute their stories, recollections, poems, rambling, musings about the good high school days. RAH! RAH! RAH!
Also we are looking for old classmates. Please pass this blog around and let your friends know about us. Your friends and families might be connected to someone who graduated from PWU high school in 1960. Any tip or clue will help in finding those lost classmates.
We hope you enjoy our first post. Till our next blog! From your loving classmates- Ebb, Puri and Sari.
We welcome your valuable comments. Please click the comment icon below and we will get back to you.