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"There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship."-Author Unknown
EBB'S E-TALK: I am happy to write that our PWU blog is exceeding our expectations. In the beginning our primary goal is just to reconnect to past classmates and chit-chat about the good old high school days. Now our blog is becoming a link to others and we are raising awareness about some project. We also becoming a venue for raising funds. Others are getting excited about our coming golden reunion this February 20,2010. Thanks to the continued efforts of classmates through word of mouth, e-mails, phone calls and etc. Welcome to Lourdes Morada and another Lourdes, whom Sari found. We are growing and that's very exciting. Thanks also to Tessie Castro for giving us a short and simple insight about her self. This is a good example to follow. Your bios shouldn't be elaborate. For those who dread sending their "NOW "photos, a simple one will do. Our e-mail group is having a blast talking about so many topics. Our Bali Hai reunion will soon be transformed into a zoo. It's seems that sunflower and gumamela didn't spark a buzz among our classmates. But topics like 65th b-day, cougars, cats, old flames, tigress, M& M , trophy wives and divorces did wake up many.
This photos are of me my husband taken in Washington D.C (at the new Korean War Memorial. I don't have a complete family of us is always missing as the photographer.

SHORT BIO OF TESSIE CASTRO PURI: Have been in Virginia and worked in the International Monetary Fund (Wash., D.C.) since 1967. In August 2000 I took an early retirement from the IMF and have been the Chief of Domestic Operations in the Puri Household ever since, but have kept busy also with a lot of other activities (line dancing, ballroom dancing, Hula dancing, piano playing, and chauffeur service to friends/families). So I am never bored and can truly be thankful for God's blessings. My son and daughter are both with the U.S. Federal Government (Dept. of Defense, as Senior ..something...? and Dept. of the Treasury, as Senior Attorney). My husband says we are also Sexy Senior Citizens. This is all for now. Regards to all.PHOTO: My son and daughter (Krishan and Angela)
PRESENTING THE DANCE BLUETTE-1960 Dance Bluette#1 Front: Lani, Ampy,Puri, Wena, Olive & Cherrie; Back: Louie, Marylou Belmonte, Sylvia, Gerry, Dedo, Sari, Cora Dance Bluette#2: Sitting: Dedo, Olive, Cora, Sari, Gerry & Wena; Standing: Puri, Sylvia, Lani, Louie, Ampy, Sonia
FROM SARI TO CORA: Cora, yong Dance Bluette ay dance ng mga Seniors before they graduate. That's when they allow us to have a male partner. Kaso karamihan sa atin had her brother (or in your case baka pinsan mo) for a partner. Just look at the grp pictures; puro tayo lang wala yong male partner. Tayo rin ang namili ng decor and arranged to get it done. Parang gumawa tayo ng fountain, which is the backgound of one of the pictures.

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"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never , ever the same."- Flavia Weedn

EBB-E TALK: I didn't see Hana again after high school graduation, but I have never forgotten her. I was looking for her class photo in the yearbook but she was not there. Puri reminded me that Hana and Lita didn't graduate with the rest of us because they toured with the famous Bayanihan Dance Group. I will always remember her winsome smile. That kind of smile that won my hearts over the years. I know that Bayanihan dancers were trained to smile non-stop while dancing, no matter how tired they were.This week blog is a recollection and review about Puri's friendship with Hana. It's a beautiful friendship. I wish I had known more about Hana and her husband earlier. Corky was very talented and had also a passion for art. My husband and I often vacationed to Hawaii but we had no idea the Trinidad family lives there. I am thankful for this articles written by Puri. Her writer's magical touch is just inescapable.
PURI'S PERSPECTIVE#1-Daughter of a young widow, PWU alumni Sinforosa Azores of the baronial Azores family of San Pablo City, youngest of 4 other Philwomenian sisters and a brother, a product of JASMS, Hana was our envy for living across the street behind PWU on Pennsylvania St. She did not have an excuse of getting caught in traffic for being late which I assume she never was. Although she took Nursing at PWU her life was wrapped in Music and Art. Early in her marriage to the legendary Corky Trinidad, they migrated to Honolulu where Corky was offered an Editorial Cartooning job by Honolulu Star Bulletin. They never left the island and it was the perfect world for them. A casual breezy place, an informal setting with no pretenses where folks roam around in flip-flops. A special spot where artists like Hana can nurture artistic leanings in a leisurely pace. As a team the young couple started Pamana Dance Company. Another former Bayanihan dancer Seng, Teresita Principe Montes supported her. Both their children were dancers including my daughter Yvonne who lived there then. They performed locally around the different islands as well as in Europe. Although it was a family affair production wise, it had generous support from a strong Board of local Individuals, as well as Charitable and Corporate entities.
Besides being well known, it had an offshoot hobby that became Hana’s trademark. Her Parols. The parols made of thin Japanese paper used in the rural suites of the show, kept ripping , so from frustration, she had an eureka moment. She thought of making parols made out of fabric and lace that lasted for years. Mine are 25 years old and I still hung them up not only at Christmas but for all seasons since they come in different colors other than red. Her creativity produced quite an inventory, she cant keep up with the demand. She had Parol shows both in Hawaii and in Manila. Then came her Papier Maches from San Pablo. She painted and dressed up mache reindeers and cupids in Holiday fare. My Christmas trees are incomplete without them underneath and as Holiday greeters by the door year after year. Hana worked for Ben Franklin, an Arts and Crafts company which she naturally enjoyed that provided her tools and supplies as well. As a retiree, she still works as a volunteer there teaching the elderly and young ones on how to crochet and do other crafts. Day and night she crochets complicated stitches beyond a novice like me. I am beneficiary to her handiwork which I treasure.
Hana, Lita, Sylvia and I were Ballet classmates under Leonor Orosa Goquingco, National Artist and other teachers before we joined Bayanihan. Both Hana and Lita were on the first World tour of 1958 to Brussels World Fair and where they wowed dance critics in Broadway. That was the launching pad of succeeding Bayanihan world tours up to this day.
Hana has 3 daughters, 2 sons and 2 grandkids. Her children are all musical. Pia, a young Mother studied Music & Voice and sings professionally, Flip majored in Music Composition and also sings. Larry, also a cartoonist is now with Honolulu Star Bulletin like his Dad.
Hana vacations in Sambat, their sprawling family compound, a part of which they developed into a Resort in San Pably City called Kay Inay but had a recent name change to Casa San Pablo. They have a website.

PURI'S PERSPECTIVE#2: Hana and Corky together can take you to paradise anywhere anytime. When I visit them in Honolulu, I don’t bother going to outer islands if they are not around. Its not fun. They are a team that can make you laugh in stitches until you cry. His followers ask for autographs anywhere he went. He is not just a local folk hero but a universal hero. Corky not being in Hawaii anymore is paradise lost. Even his readers Wilden’t be able to sip their first cup of coffee without a laugh from his cartoons. Prolific, profound,hilarious, brave, revealing.He can magnify an issue to make known where he stood. The stroke of his pen was his succinct statement on world and local events. His pen was his weapon. Goliaths feared him but they keep his original cartoons or lampoons which he gives to them, be they Mayors or Governors or Presidents. Corky is human conscience disguised in humor. His ink moved major local and world issues. His thoughts for the day in caricature were the pills his followers took for their daily dose. Indeed laughter is the best medicine and only this Hawaiian Duo can dispense them so generously. “Corky’s World” appeared daily in color on the front page plus an editorial cartoon inside the Honolulu Star Bulletin. Yes 2 doses a day of his cartoon stips. He’s been syndicated worldwide in Time, Newsweek,Washington Post,New York Times,London Punch,Paris Herald Tribune,Politiken Sweden,Buenos AiresHerald,Manila Chronicle. His world acclaim and fame is legendary but when you see him, he’ll charm you, win you, engage you in his world all its own. He does not speak of material and worldly things.He only delves into things that count in life.If he had a million, it wont last, he would give it away, even if it was his last dollar. His wealth is his love of people of all ages, his love of true friendship, his love of family and life with a meaningful cause. His love of art , music and Filipino culture were further enhanced when he toured with us The Bayanihan Dance Co for a whole year in 1961.On assignment by Philippine Herald, he journalized and caricatured our cross country circuit in USA,Asia and Europe for the newspaper.The trip was a way of life for us and he perpetuated it with Hana in Hawaii through Pamana Dance Co. He oozes with love. Hana found a genuine Valentine in him and left on Feb 13 , 2009 to touch Cupid’s heart to whisper his love for Hana.
His footprints go far and wide and deep. His legacy of love, laughter and joy spills profusely in indelible ink. Like a Hawaiian breeze, he sings a soft tune, puts a lei on your neck, dances with the wind. Hawaii is not a place at all. It’s a state of mind. Hawaii is in the heart…….. that Corky shared with the world.
Hana please accept our love and deep sympathy. We know that the sky will be brighter now. What matters most is not how long the star shines but the brightness of its light. Like a glowing star Corky’s light will shine to brighten up another place that’s more perfect and divine.
*Corky taught Creative Writing at PWU in the 60’s. I was his pupil.

EBB BEST WISHES: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CORA! WELCOME TO the 65 Club!SARI SPEAKS: HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY, CORA!!! It's not till Sunday, but I'll be out of town and will have no access to a computer. Hope you have more blessed birthdays to come!!! Advance happy birthday Cora! ! ! !
FROM ROSELANI:Wishing you all the best. Be happy and enjoy your special day. It's wonderful to be 65!
FROM CHERRIE: Happy, happy birthday! It is hard to believe that we are this age now but as you said, you feel truly blessed to have reached 65. I hope your day is a truly happy one and though you will miss your Nanay especially today, she is closer to God and will have special blessings just for you. The first birthday, the first Christmas, etc. are difficult but hang in there, and feel her presence. May you have many, many more!
From Nati: Dear Cora, Happy Birthday Cora. Today, being your 65th, is the beginning of a new and better life. Most of us who have reached the "TY-FIVE" age can attest to that.For me, it opened the door to my long lost friends. How very happy I've been since I found all of you through our e-mails and the BLOG.
God bless you Cora. May you always have that wonderful humor and wit about you. You never failed to make us laugh during our high school days.
From Corazon Gatchalian <> wrote:
Thanks, Sari.I feel so blessed to have reached this age -considering many of our classmates have left us sooner. There is so much to be thankful for - although I feel sad that Nanay is no longer with us.

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"The more we get together, together, together. The more we get together, the happier are we."- Anonymous


Today, Cherrie, Nati, Tessie, Rory and I had another mini-renunion here in Canada. Our meeting place is at Scarborough Town Centre between 12:00 and 12:30 pm. When I arrived at the meeting place which is the Food Court, I couldn't find anyone right away, although I am wearing glasses my eyesight is still not that good. I was about to call Rory on her cell fon when I heard sombody laughing very loud and when I turned around I saw Tessie pounding the table and laughing her heart out. The four of them already sitted in one corner so I rushed to them and give each one a kiss and a hug. Then the party began. We reminisce our hi-school days, talking and laughing loud oblivious of anyone around. At times all of us talked at the same time and then more laughter and shared secrets....he he he...cannot tell (that's why it is a secret). Nati paid for Cherrie and my lunch (Thai) and I paid for Tessie and Rory's lunch (Greek). I brought some pictures of myself and my ex-bf becoz Cherrie told me that she had a crush on him before........I told her OMG...really......isn't that something. Nati has 2 sons and she worked with the Police Force for 20 years as Executive Secretary. She even showed us her Police Badge and ring........I told her don't arrest me. She's retarded now too and enjoying her retirement baby sitting her grandkids. As all stories have to end, we said our good-byes at 2:30 pm with the promise to meet again sometime in November with Girlie and Sari.

Last picture: Rory, Cherrie, Nati, Esther and Tessie
P.S. I F

EMAIL FROM NATI TO ESTHER:Dearest Ester, THANK YOU for a nice and enjoyable lunch with our co-"teenagers" yesterday. I really enjoyed it very much, although "medyo yata humina ang pandinig ko - siguro nabinge ako sa lakas ng tawanan natin". Our pictures look good, don't you think? Thank God the "tonsils" of my sister, Tessie, didn't show for a change. I have to restrain her every now and then, you know.


SARI'S DETECTIVE SERIES: Tessie LM did it again. Baka you'll replace Cora & me. Not before long, you'll be wearing #1 Weirdo Crown. Parang si Lani Villa-Real Enriquez na ako. Can't wait to see what our "weird" classmates remembered and shared by e-mail. Wish there were more weirdos - kasi talagang entertaining; nakaka-addict; a good form of addiction I must say. Let's keep Evelyne on her toes to keep up with us. Evelyne, huwag kang mag-sasawa ng pag-post ng "memories" shared by our classmates....Did you notice that Puri's juices are flowing more profusely & spontaneously - Noon nasa ulo pa lang niya - hodge-podge ideas. Nabuo na ngayon - thanks to classmates who have began participating more regularly. Na-enthused lalo si Puri. Meanwhile, Linda is getting ready to join in more regularly. Tessie LM - si Linda ang may connection sa Dusit. We decided on Dusit thru Linda's close business association with the manager. We had a preview of what they can and are willing to offer when Linda arranged for a meeting room for our Class in February 2009 - a few days after the PWUAA reunion....Esther, thanks for the write up and pictures you sent showing the beauties of Ontario, Canada plus Florida. Parang nadirinig ko yong tawa ni Tessie OG. Nati OC serious looking pa rin, but obviously enjoying herself....Will await posting from LV.On a serious note, I spoke with Lilia Villa Javier yesterday (Sunday evening in the Philippines). I got her excited about these exchanges and the blog - ipagagawa raw niya ang computer niya when she comes back from her trip in MNL. She's still healing from the loss of her husband. She needs help in getting on with her life. Sabi niya, thanks to PWU, we are all "fighters"; we do not give up. We keep going until we overcome our challenges. - Her husband pala was involved in politics; baka raw siya would join in and replace her husband. Sayang naman daw what Manny (husband) started. Lilia's e-mail address (she can't access it yet) .....Eloi, binanggit ka ni Lilia; good friends daw kayo. I said too much ...... mas naka-aaliw basahin yong sinulat ni Tessie LM below.

TALES#3 -FROM TESSIE L. MARZAN -Hello dear classmates,
Again, hope everyone is as well as can be. Here's my third bridge - one mile long, give or take a few hundred inches (sorry Cora, hindi pa ako nagcomvert to metric system). This is my take on you guys - a hodge-podge of the past & the present; light hearted & irreverent, so wear comfortable shoes para hindi kayo kalyuhin & let's continue our stroll.
I imagine your faces as I recall our U-shape seating arrangement - as we bumped into each other all along the PLACES & as I read through the directory. I'm disheartened that there are some I can't remember & also I have not a single picture to share. Kaya natutuwa akong tingnan ang mga pictures na you are posting.
Renita - Do you still have long hair & blush easily? Didn't you get lonesome (heh-heh-heh) at times dahil palagi kang walang katabi on your other side, or did you consider that a blessing? I don't remember though na madaldal si Olive.
Celia - our valedictorian - didn't we tease you about a certain La Salle guy? (oops)
Evelyne - what a late bloomer - you ought to have a gallery of your own. Thank you so much for the blogspot where we are now spending many happy hours.
Eloi - thought you were Eloisa - not Elouisa.
Cynthia - a beauty queen among us.
Tessie C. - sorry, you missed some fun. I myself didn't lakwatsa after school hours. (more on that later).
Raquel - where are you?; thanks to you & your Mom for having me to lunch. You're the only classmate whose house I had the honor & pleasure of visiting.
Erlinda M. - nutritionally savy. Guys do you remember the complete & half meals. You always had the complete meal.
Evelyn - I did bet you wouldn't remember the shoes, we had good taste, huh?
Marilin - a novelty of a married classmate
Sari - Alexander the Great, can't remember seeing the movie but that's probably how you got the honorific. Thanks for finding me.
Cherrie - you're always be Charito to me, keep on reading & enjoy the Florida clime.
Patricia - hello, Frau Staub. Go easy on the suds during the Octoberfest.
Cora F. - our resident poet & now our resident hospitality big boss. Please, please, use your considerable influence to see to it that Dusit Thani provide the best food & tons of it (not just a few kilos). I plan to pig out to compensate for starving myself down to size 8. You know - want to be limber so I can do the sensuous movements for our entrance.
Tessie O. - Thanks for your beautiful rendition of "Dream" - babalik!
Erlinda C- "Oh, Oh, Bernadine" - a big fan of Pat Boone and as Eloi said, always had nicely pressed uniform. Bet you danced well like your parents.
Nati - Of course, we remember you with your bangs & ponytail; like Linda, you kept your pleats neat while most of us just plopped down on our seats.
Elizabeth - the red head ---- hell-bent (pardon) on getting a BSN degree, which you did. Where are you? you sat on my right.
Elisa S. - another novelty with your dental braces.
Sari, Carina, Cora H, Marlene & Company - thanks for trooping the colors & Marlene, thanks for the pics.
Norma & Gerry - thanks for your prodigious ivory tinkling appendages - did you insure them?
Leonides - a good Samaritan - during the times na naubusan ako ng pera - you lent me my pamasahe & if you didn't twit about it then, you're indeed a good friend; thanks again.
Ampy, Carmen E. - didn't have to think about pamasahe or getting up early; the dorm was just a few steps away.
Zenaida M. - one time you mentioned how you were anticipating your ulam - kare-kare.
Flor A., Charito, Eloi, Aurora Fe, Polita - some of the slim among us.
Roberta, Raquel, Patsy, Marlene, Cynthia, Ruby - some of the taller ones.
Tessie C., Preciosa, Evelyn - the petite among us. Now, where do I fit?
Hana, Puri, Lita & Company - our own Bayanihan pioneers. Hana, with your infectious smile; Puri, the graceful ballerina & now our esteemed choreographer. Lita, the great conductres & soon our princess.

Isn't it astonishing how these trivial & seemingly inconsequential recollections are now streaming out from my brain (that's why I'm weirdo #3). These trivialities, however, are the major parts of my connections to you, just like cables, posts & beams, nuts & bolts, hold a bridge together. To those I did not mention, do not fret, sooner or later, someone will do the honor.
1.Here is Preciosa's zip code: L1V6S4
2. Anyone has the same recollections regarding:
Acquaintance Day
1. Freshmen - green & white - always did calisthenics.
2. Sophomore - red & white - folk dance
3. Junior - complete blank till Sakura song popped up. I think international was the theme, blue & white?
4. Senior - modern dance - yellow & white? How about the class song we belted out as we made our grand entrance from the facade to the quadrangle.
Chorus Contest - I think we had to do 3 or 4 songs; The Pambansang Awit & the PWU school song were always included. The 3rd or 4th song was English & did we do also a Filipino song?; these were always chosen for us by Mrs. Villaflor. I remember Gerry doing a jazzy transposition of the introduction to the Pambansang Awit. Woudn't it be nice if we can track these songs & post them? Will really keep Ebb busy but a nice kind of "busyness".
I have two more e-mails in the future - Teachers & Classes and Others. After that, I'll join you in the blog with much much shorter comments. Till then.
Warm regards to all.
EBB-S E-TALK: I truly enjoy blogging.
Actually I am happy to take a back seat and let the others do the chit-chat. As your blog designer, contento na ako dito sa ibaba. Mas tahimik at mas mabuting nakikinig na lang. I'd like to add that the Acquaintance Party was the one event of the year that I enjoyed the most during h.s. and have not forgotten. This event showcased the tremendous creativity and resourcefulness of many high school students. I say yes, with Tessie that the one who thought of it should be canonized. But I think that person should get a CREATIVE AWARD too. Anyone knows whose idea was it? Yes, we are the only high school that had an Acquaintance Party at the beginning of the school year. Where had I been all these years? Ghee, ang dami ko palang hindi alam noon high school. Many thanks to all classmates who contibuted to this blog. It's true that the more we get together and share our memories, the "HAPPIER" are we.

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"We all have time machines. Some take us back, they're called MEMORIES. Some take us forward, they're called dreams."- Jeremy Irons
EBB'S E-TALK: Success and inspiration seem to be an underlying theme of the stories in this week's blog. Take a moment to read about the lives of these trios-Sari, Cherrie and Bong as they danced their way to success. Sari is the main writer, introducing both classmates- Cherrie and Bong. Sari is intoducing herself. Here's her profile that she wrote in our blog last June.
Age: 64
Gender: Female
Industry: Non-Profit
Occupation: Public Health Nutritionist
Location: Brooklyn : New York : United States
About Me
Single. Have lived in 6 different States in the US; NY being the last one; been there for 25 years. Enjoy challenging low cost travels to Europe, driving cars/vans with relatives and friends. Love keeping in touch with and visiting good old friends, who trust me with their secrets. After getting parental scholarships, put self through grad school and earned a master's degree in Public Health Nutrition at Penn State U. In my desire to have a more meaningful life (kasi tumatanda na), I currently manage a New York State funded program that is focused on providing nutritious foods to hungry New Yorkers (NYC lang); have been on this job for 14 yrs. Prior to this, I was engaged in Healthcare Food Services with Aramark and directed big and small hospital food service depts. (13 years). Thus far, 27 yrs. accounted for. 7 years of schooling and training (5 yrs. UP; 2 yrs., 2 different Dietetic Internship programs); 11 yrs. work in Food Service Mgt, Nutrition and Dietetics and related fields; 2 yrs grad school; and 3 years unemployed that were likely filled with lakwatsas. These summarize my 50 yrs.-life after PWU.
Travel and Visiting Friends & Relatives
Favorite Movies
Mostly that of Audrey Hepburn
Ingrid Bergman
Grace Kelly & Cary Grant (halatang old vintage)
Favorite Music
La Vie en Rose
I Will Wait for You
Two for the Road at marami pang iba na old vintage.
Favorite Books
Suspense fiction novels
SARI'S SERIES: Way back in June, I told Evelyne that I would write about Cherrie & Bong (after my update on Cora). This was to be posted to fill up the blog.... now this is on the "waiting list" for blog posting. Enjoy reading about them. I'll attach their "then" pictures.

Lonely Hearts No More - that's Patricia (Bong) Arroyo Staub and Charito (Cherrie) Silva McSorley. In the early '70s my sister, Ara, called us - the Lonely Hearts! because nobody dated us - 5 professional (perhaps intimidating) women. Bong worked at the Food & Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), Cherrie at the Philippine Psychological Corporation (PPC) and I at the Manila Yatch Club. This intro is about Bong and Cherrie.
First Bong - she has a BS in Chemistry at PWU, an MS and a Ph D degrees in Food Technology at Iowa State U. and Food Science at Purdue U, respectively. Bong worked as a Scientist at FNRI and later as a professor at the UP College of Fisheries. Ms. Time efficient Bong wrote a reference book, The Science of Philippine Foods that was published in 1974, revised in 1982, and updated with an addendum in 1996. This book is still in use. Bong developed the best local dried fruit mix (best selling esp at X'mas) and sweetened sampalok. Bong went to Germany on a fellowship and came home with an MD - marriage degree - to Heinz Staub of Karlsruhe (hence Lonely Heart no more). Bong & Heinz returned & resided in Karlsruhe after Bong fulfilled her service obligation at UP.Bong wrote kitchen tested recipes for use by Filipinos in Germany utilizing ingredients available in local groceries (written in English & German); this book has had 2 revisions. Bong took up a 2nd career in Germany, finished nursing and worked as a nurse at a nursing home in Karlsruhe until she retired in 2007. Bong & Heinz split (no "s") their time between Germany & Philippines .

Upon completion of a BA degree in Psychology at PWU, Cherrie taught at PWU and joined PPC. Cherrie worked her way up and became director of Testing and Research. Cherrie received a UNESCO grant to study at U Michigan in 1970 and returned to PPC. She left again (and never came back) in 1973 to pursue an MS in Consumer Psych at Purdue U. It was there where Cherrie met and married (kaya di na Lonely Heart) her lifetime partner, Robert (Bob) McSorley, who was pursuing a Ph D in Nematology. Bob is a sought after professor and researcher in Tropical Nematodes. Cherrie settled as a homemaker and raised daughter, Tessa. Cherrie is the best partner & manager the McSorley family ever had; and also most doting mother. When Tessa started schooling, Cherrie could not be kept away from Tessa's school and decided to be a Teacher's Aide. She worked mostly with fifth grade students. Cherrie kept this job till she retired in 2008. Cherrie and her family have been living in Florida (Homestead and Gainesville) for 31 years.
This genuine and lasting friendship and camaraderie with Cherrie and Bong was established at PWU, but not inside the classrooms. The extra-curricular activities such as Acquaintance Party, Lantern Parade, Choral Contest, Intramural, to name a few, were instrumental in drawing us (students) together. Students, without teacher involvement, planned and implemented /executed all of these activities that became venues for expressing one's organizational skills, leadership, ingenuity, artistry, literary skills, etc. PWU had an exceptional way of wringing hidden talents out of its students – this is what makes our Alma Mater so unique and distinctive.

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"Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."
EBB'S E-TALK: Over the years, the above quote is one of my favorite. I found out that many friends come in different colors. Some are silver. Others are platinum, but the BEST are the GOLD ones. I have many friends who are truly GOLD in hearts and souls. Without them, my world is dull and gray. Golden friends enriched my life. So let's keep our old friends. Like me, you'll be surprised that we are blessed with lots of GOLD, though not literally. Some old friends are gems like gold that keeps us afloat when times are tough.
We are happy to report that our blog is generating lots of buzzing lately. I'd like to welcome Tessie Lonzame Marzan to our e-grp list. We also welcome Naty Cristi Ocampo for speaking up. This week I am taking a break and let others do most of the talking and musing. It's wonderful to walk down "Memory Lane" with them once more. After Tessie's long e-mail, it help jogged the memories of many classmates which I posted here. I don't remember the many details of our high school days and thanks to many classmates who filled the gaps. Ghee, forty nine and 1/2 years went by so fast. There are so many golden memories and here are tid bits along the way. Halina at maglakad na tayo!
Hello dear classmates,
What a wonderful surprise to hear from Sari & Cherrie after 49 years. Sari, sorry for not calling you back pronto, I was planning to call you sometime that weekend. I am technologically impaired so my husband does the computer tasks for me. Hope you don't mind that he's privy to our communications. So, don't put anything there that he ought not to know.
This e-mail is a loooong one - combination biography, remembrances, musings & etc; so make yourselves comfortable; here goes:
I went to UST & graduated (M.D.) 1968; married Romulo from Moncada, Tarlac, 1970. I had my daughter, Maddie, 1971 & my son, Mel 1974; went to US 1972 under the exchange visitors program (Ohio - Michigan - Illinois). I visited PWU once & saw Perla B. & Linda C.; ran into
Cynthia U. & Susan V. in UST. Had no contact with anyone since but got some news from my sisters. I'm the oldest of 6 girls & we all went to HS. 3 to college & 1 retired as instructor from the college of nursing, PWU; ditto 3 nieces to HS & at least 2 in college. So you can see my extended connection to PWU. The school should give the Lonzame family a loyalty plaque.
I worked at a state hospital, M-F, 8-4 with one hour lunch breaks & coffee breaks as needed, (nice schedule - huh). I worked various shifts the last few years of my career which wrecked my circadian rhythm; the change of schedule, though offered some distinct moolah advantage. I took early retirement incentive formally in 2002 but continued working for several more months on contractual basis. My hubby, Romy, retired 2006 (Info system/customer relations). I turned 65 March 5, 2009 & like some of you is quite happy with the senior perks.
We have lived in Bartlett since 1977, a mid-size middle class town, 35 minutes from O'hare Int'l. airport, 1 hour from downtown Chicago & 15 minutes from the hospital. It was a convenient, likable, livable town for both of us. My daughter has 2 kids (Angelina, 7 & Alex almost 3). She used to work for Delta airline in Atlanta but is now based with her family in Dubai.They spend every summer with us. My son also has 2 kids (Amelia almost 4 & Gabriel 8 months) and they live nearby. I'm originally from Sucat, Muntinlupa (Sylvia E.- you're my honorary town mate). My parents are deceased, I have 3 sisters in Texas, 2 brothers & 2 sisters in the Phil.
About three years ago, I went into a frenzy; joined the Garden Club, Womans Club & the Friends of the Library. I have since dropped the Womans Club, but still volunteer at the library & enjoy the Garden Club activities. I'm also an avid reader (all genre except Harlequin type novels), watch movies checked out from the library but limited to ones with subtitles due to my hearing loss. We live simply, do our own house work, take care of our yard & babysit our grand kids as needed. We try to travel abroad once a year & have recently enjoyed group tours as we used to travel on our own.
We chose to stay in the area to remain close to relatives & friends and also, we like the changing beauty of the 4 seasons. We bought cemetery lots in Bartlett, so you can see we're really staying put. Am I morbid or what?
Well, this is my life in a nutshell; not very exciting but satisfying enough. My whole family visited Phil. in 2005, so, 2010 is about the right time to go home again.
Given our age, the loss of some of us is not unexpected but still hits you hard to see the names & picture their faces.
We're fortunate to have a copy of the class picture, can't help with identifying the others, dahil kahit yong sarili ko ay hindi ko marecognize. I thought I was the one seated to the right of Cynthia U. I trust your keen eyes that I'm the one on the extreme left, 6th row. I had a few chuckles looking at the Acquaintance day pic.& reading Sari's descriptions.
Ebb --- I liked the quonset huts - anyone out there who liked them, too?
BTW, I'm wondering about Tessie Agana, Angie Castillo & Judith Gonzales. I remember them when we were in the quonset hut.
I hope I started to bridge the long gap & will continue to do so with my next e-mails. Keep the blogs flowing. I'm looking forward to reading them.
Warm regards to all.
Hello Dear Classmates,
Hope everyone is as well as can be. Sari, thanks for the compliment. BTW, Renita called & she'll call again to set a date to visit. I prefer e-mails as my way of communication as they are too long for the blogspot; so if you don't mind, I'll send them to you for distribution as you have the directory in the system. Thanks again. As Puri & I bridged with our "all about me", let's hear from everyone. This 2nd bridge is now along memory lane, divided into segments: 1. Happenings 2. Places 3. Classmates 4.Teachers & Classes 5.Others. Certainly, not all our memories are happy ones but most are. No offense meant for any omissions, commissions & inaccuracies; feel free to add, comment & correct. So, everyone, take a stroll with me.
1. Acquaintance day - the hands down favorite of all - whoever came up with this idea should be canonized. What a fun, imaginative & ahead of the time way to start the school year, encourage leadership & teamwork & forge camaraderie & loyalty. Senior year was the best - our own theme & choreography for the modern dance. This day really jelled HS experience for me. I bet no school at the time had something similar - this is the happening we can call ours --- alone.
2. Do Day - spent half the day spiffing up our home rooms. I think our section lost the contest over a darn dusty thing. Anyone, remember what that was?
3. Trips to the Convocation Hall - I'm sure all relished leaving classes, trooping thru the corridors, stairways, the Pharmacy Lab & finally to the fourth floor; to sit & watch with awe our talented schoolmates as they acted, orated & declaimed. How about the chorus contest - I can still remember a few words of the song (in the dusk, I was idly dreaming, when a --- came to view, hmm - hmm- hmm). I think this song did it for us - winning the contest our sophomore year.
4. Monday mornings - chatting in the main quadrangle, lining up after the bell rings; the Girls Scouts trooping the colors for the flag ceremony, praying the morning invocation, then walking quietly (really?) to our classrooms. Senior year - teetering, preening & somehow feeling all grown up in our high heels; Oh my goshs, pareho kami ng sapatos ni Evelyn N.
5. Field trips - to see The Ten Commandments & a play in Ateneo.
6. Bayanihan - what prestige it brought to the school & pride & some envy?, that some of our very own were pioneers. I think I may have seen a practice or two but for the life of me can't say I saw a show.
7. Spiritual - PWU was & is non-sectarian yet it instilled Catholicism in me more than UST ever did.
- the yearly retreat (thank you God, no classes), sacrifices we made, No talking, remember Fr. Bertrand?
- going to confession for First Friday Mass, singing "Tantum Ergo".
- wearing the scapular, admiring those beautiful stampitas
- saying the rosary in October - I was always glad if it fell on a Math period.
1. Quonset hut - our own special place, don't think any private HS at the time held classes in one. Unique, isn't it?
2. Canteen - that small place wedged between the stage & our building where we spent countless lunches & recesses with our barkadas.
3. Chapel - just the right size, beautiful & serene despite its location.
4. Main library - probably visited once or twice; how about the HS library, don't even know what books they had.
5 Facade/quadrangle/promenade - can't remember loitering there too much; Tessie C, in her blog said Ms. T discouraged us, & probably we were also edged out by the college students.
6. Convocation Hall - one of the best places to be.
7. Washroom - convenient place to visit to cover up those accidents, after you scrounged for some chalk.
8. Bookstore/uniform store - tiny, tiny.
9. Stage - dominant presence in the campus.
10. Guidance office - can't remember who our counselor was - told her I wanted to be a doctor "why"?. I really didn't know why but I said, "I have an uncle who is a doctor"; & the rest is history.
11. Principal's Office - made a few trips there (more about that later).
Classrooms - the reason why we were at PWU - the rooms we shared for 4 years - where we learned, laughed, gossiped, sang, prayed, argued, quarrelled? (don't remember anyone crying there); disparate groups of girls in the cusps of womanhood - oblivious to or preparing for the challenges of the next chapters of our young lives. It is the place where we bonded & is the font of all the sentiments & emotions we are now remembering, experiencing & expressing. WHICH IS GOOD, REALLY GOOD. Excuse me, I have to get a box of tissue. Till my next e-mail. Warm regards to all.
PURI'S PERSPECTIVE: Tessie's email sparked many recollections. Here are e-mail exchanges between Puri (maroon) and Evelyn N.(blue).
Hi Puri,
The Chinese song begins with "Kao san ching.."; the Indian song with "Batchipan ke mohabat chi ko.Now I remember the tune of those songs too. and yes, that Japanese "Sakura" song. Sorry, I don't remember the Korean song. There was also a Thai song but the words were so long and hard to remember.
When we were freshmen, we saw "Alexander the Great" movie. Correct me if I'm wrong but was it after that when people started calling Sari - Alex?Yes, because Sari has this classic Scandinavian profile and good looks. While the rest of us looked simply Pinay.

I agree with Tessie Lonzame about the silent retreats when talk was forbidden. I don't think I ever went to a silent retreat after HS. We were so "holy-holy" for that week and on the last day, we looked forward to giving and receiving stampitas. I had to beg my Mom to come with me to buy them at National Bookstore and other religious stores. I remember collecting and exchanging stampitas and scapulars from the small religious book store on campus.

Does anyone remember who were the swimmers in our class? PWU was one of the few schools which had a swimming pool. I was a scarery cat and finally had to jump in at the deep end and swim towards the shallow end in order to pass PE. But those who went to JASMS were very comfortable in the water- you, Hana, Lita R (?). Yes my only medal on our HS graduation was First Place for Backstroke relay. I swam with Lita, Hana and Baby Lustre.

Speaking of Sylvia Estrella, I remember her house as being near Max's Restaurant in Kamuning. Am I correct or does my memory fail me?I also went frequently at Sylvias house. She served the best Sans Rival she baked and other cakes.She also fed us with fried chicken livers and gizards from Max, sarap-sarap because her aunt Ruby Trota, her Mom's sister is the owner of Max. Max catered our wedding reception and Mrs Trota's gift was our wedding cake shaped like a horseshoe for good luck.Luckily I'm still married, she was my Mom in law's good friend. My Mom in law Dolores was our HS60 commencement speaker. She's 96 in Oct and lives with us here.
From Evelyn N. Zabala to Tessie M.:
Hi Tessie, What memory you have! I don't even remember that we had the same shoes! (It was really fun to wear those high heels - it made us feel so grown-up!) What I do remember is that you wanted to be a doctor. And I knew that if there was one who would make it- that would be you. You were so focused and sure of it. I'm glad you realized that dream.
Other musings....
I also enjoyed our choir practice- was it the sophomore year
when we won? There was someone who could play the piano by ear, was it Tessie Castro? I think it was in one of the international festivals or something and we sang Chinese, Indian and Japanese songs. Would you believe that I still remember the lyrics of those songs?
Convocation Hall- orations and declamations. I remember Cora Fausto as the person to beat for the Tagalog oration- she usually won.
I told Puri that I would always watch the ballet students practice on the 2nd floor with all the mirrors. And whenever Bayanihan had a presentation (HS and college), I would always volunteer as an usher. That way, I would get to see
the show free and I was admiring how graceful and pretty all the dancers were. It was on one of the shows after they just got back from a trip abroad that I heard "Hava Nagila" for the first time.
The Acquaintance Patty at the beginning of the year was something to look forward to. We had a different theme each year, and we had songs, dances and costumes. Maybe others have more memories to add.
We have to thank Tessie Marzan for jogging your memories, Evelyn and Puri. Palagay ko we sang those international songs when we were freshmen. Tatanga-tangang probinsiyana ako noon (gravitated with Ampy kasi pareho kaming from D) and could remember only certain things we did as a Class. I know for sure that we were Sophomores when we won all 1st places in the choral contest- choral grp, pianist (Norma Reyes) and conductress (Lita Ramos). Night and Day yong kanta natin in English. My memory is not sharp tonite so I cannot recall the other songs we sang. I do not know what year we were when our teachers had some kind of performance (I can picture Tita Loyd Marcos wearing a somewhat loose outfit while dancing and singing Hava Nagila). Hope more classmates would weigh in sa kanilang naala-ala. Sayang Cora is busy attending a conference. Kung hindi, she would have butted in. Magaling yong sa kantahan and she'd likely remember when we sang those Asian songs. - My guess talaga is 1st yr. As for the Alexander the Great movie, I believe it came out on our 2nd yr. That's when I remember everyone calling me Alexander - after watching the movie - a class outing. Tila nag-class outing din tayo sa Ten Commandments - or did that come up after we graduated from HS?
FYI FROM SARI- 2 other grps had requested to be linked with our Class blog. Others are getting interested. I hope na ganoon din kayo dear classmates . Please start writing about yourselves para maaliw din naman kaming readers. Nakakasawa na 4 regulars lang ang nagda-dada sa blog or sa e-grp. You can share stories with the class; am sure we'll all be delighted to learn about the "now" you. Paki-share naman. Thanks.Sari
FROM SARI TO CORA: Cora F., hindi lang tayo ang may long term memory. Tessie, in her walk along memory lane (see below), has more details we never verbalized in earlier exchanges. Am I glad hindi lang tayong dalawa ang weird. - Tessie, before we had you in the e-grp, Cora and I sounded very weird. We were recalling events others seem to have forgotten. Now you are in our company. You still have vivid recollections of years gone by. Welcome to the Weird Club (3 1/2 na tayo - yong 1/2 ay si Roselani who has partial recollections).Anyway, classmates please enjoy Tessie Lonzame Marzan's fine recitation of our gone bye years!Sari
FROM NATI CHRIST OCAMPO: Hi, dear classmates, remember me? I am Nati Ocampo (the quiet one), sister of Tessie Ocampo (the TALKATIVE one). Not only is my sister Tessie talkative, she can also laugh so loud, she can be heard a thousand miles away. Many times during those days when I denied I even knew her, to those who asked.
She hasn't changed. I hope not, because that's how I'll always remember her and love her.
Anyway, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures that Sari sent us from Marlene. How young we were, my goodness! I was able to identify some of the young ladies in the picture by name, and some by faces. Does anyone know what happened to Cynthia Ugalde? And what about Erlinda Chacon, Ginny Golding,
Vicky Saldana and Tita Ang?
By the way, I remember the song we sang when we won First Prize. Lita Ramos was our conductress and she won First Prize, too. That song was "By the Bend of the River". It had a plaintive melody, I even "hum" it to myself every now and then. Was it in our Junior or Senior year that we won this? Because we beat the other group. They sang "Waltz of the Flowers", and their conductress was Annette Verzosa.
Oh yes, dear Sari. You said it well --- "Masaya talaga mag-walk sa memory lane". This is all for now, folks. Hope to hear from you again soon!
From Eloi Dizon: I am amazed at rhe memory of every one. I dont remember much, what I remember is what impressed me about people. You,Hana and Lita I remember as the beautiful dancers, the poise of Lita, the agility of Hana. Puri when you stand still, how you seem to have elastic joints bending gracefully. Sylvia E. always has her hair nicely set in a page boy style, Tessie Lonzame has long brown curly hair in a ponytail, Linda C. always has nicely pressed uniform, Cora F. and Sari were always active,Evelyne D. was my seatmate, Lilia V. was my lunchmate.Regards.
From Eloi: Hi Evelyne,I did read all of the blog and every time I am amazed at how good you are at it.I also just read Teresita Lonzame,s email. We lived only 45 minutes from each other in the Chicago area, also Renita Abary is in the same area. For now, I am just going around here in california. I have to wait for my son to visit me before I can send a photo because I don't know how to do it. Regards!
From Rose Lani: Sa totoo lang, can't recall any of the songs we sang. I just know that Norma Reyes is our pianist. Lita Ramos, and Sonia Alvarez, conductress. Sorry, brain frozen sa ngayon. Am amazed at you guys, mas matalas pala ang memory niyo. Akala ko marami akong natatandaan, nothing pala compared to you. Pati title ng kanta, alam niyo.